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No Child Is Just Born Gifted: Let Us Create and Develop Unlimited Potential of your children

The potential for giftedness or a high level of intellectual development begins very early in a child’s life. Studies since the early 1970s consistently show that such development is the result of an interaction between the child’s genetic endowment and a rich and appropriate environment in which the child grows. No child is born gifted—only with the potential for giftedness. Although all children have amazing potential, only those who are fortunate enough to have opportunities to develop their uniqueness in an environment that responds to their particular patterns and needs will be able to actualize their abilities to high levels. We Squarelington Business Academy have design and create Online Free Trial Classes of different categories (Music Explore, Halloween Business Square, Moneymatics Fun) with the aim of unleashing the creativity in children and increase children’s interest in doing business.

Enrol Your Kid Into the 3 Fun & Exiciting Classes Below

Halloween Business Square 🦹🏻‍♀️

In this spooky Halloween adventure, children learn basic business concepts and the functions of different business departments through role-play and fun interactive activities.

Music Time Machine 🎷

In this musical adventure, children learn about great composers starting from the Baroque period through to the Classical, Romantic and Modern periods such as Bach, Mozart, Strauss ad Gershwin. 

Moneymatics Treasure Square 💰

In this bold and daring Pirate Square adventure, children learn to recognise notes and coins and do additions, substractions, simple multiplications and divisions using notes and coins.

Halloween Business Square

(In this class, kids will learn)

(In this class, kids will learn)

Business Theory

Children will learn the basic business concepts and the function of different business departments


Children will experience fun and interactive activities through role-play 


Children work together as different departments of a busisness to set up stall and sell creative, spooky suprises !

Music Time Machine

(In this class, kids will learn)

(In this class, kids will learn)

Meet Great Musician

Children will hop on the time travel machine and travel back in time to meet great musician from different eras

Explore Genres of Music

Children are able to explore differenet genres of music ranging from classsical, jazz, country song and many more.

From Compose to Stage

Children will learn to appreaciate classical music through the ages and music written for different performances.

Moneymatics Treasure Square

(In this class, kids will learn)

(In this class, kids will learn)

Recognise Notes & Coins

Children will learn to recognise and understand the different types of Hong Kong Currency Dollar notes and coins

Addittion & Subtraction

Children will learn how to do addtions, subtractions, simple multiplications and division using notes and coins

Exciting, Fun & Interactive Games

Children will have an enjoyable time throughout the entire class filled with interesting, fun and interactive games taught by our experienced tutor

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Parent & Child Review

Papa Steven & Aidan

Papa Steven: “When I saw this course, I thought it will be a waste of time, but since it is free, therefore I give it a try. But it end out, my dear Aidan do enjoy and learn something from this course.  ”

Mama Jennifer & Kevin

Mama Jennifer “I never thought that my Kevin love this course so much. Now, I believe my Kevin has more potential to be discover”

Mama Fiona & Xiu Xiu

Mama Fiona “My friend had recommended this course to me. Since it is free, therefore I give a try. Wow, I can’t believe Xiu Xiu really got potential in music field ”

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The course is taught in Cantonese with materials in English and is conducted using LIVE ONLINE on Zoom (Child needs to be accompanied by an adult), no need to go out.

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